Soon they will see that My word is all truth

As I ask all my children, honour Me above all else. There is no other name in heaven, I am GOD. For those who honour My name and put Me above all else, they will be blessed, blessed beyond belief. I only know how to give My children good things.

The walk ahead for all My children will be hard at times. Forces opposed to Me and My kingdom on earth are gathering strength. My beloved children will need all their strength and wisdom to survive coming events. But it all must happen. Many around the world are reading the signs. As time goes forward the signs will increase. I will not leave My children in the dark, so to speak. Those with lamps lit will have no fear. Those walking in darkness will have everything to fear. The evil of this world will be brought to account. “My word” does not lie. Only when man reads and misunderstands My word, do doubts creep in. Those with eyes firmly on Me will walk in the light of My love, my provision, my strength and My wisdom. Those not found in me will stumble and many will fall, many will die. The door is not yet closed, there is still time.

I love all mankind and would wish that the door remain open, but it must close as I do not wish My children to see what takes place on the other side when it finally closes. Many of My precious ones will want to look back, but they will be prevented. Theirs is a walk to My Holy mountain. A place where they will be safe for all eternity. They shall know such peace and love, because I will be there and I will be with them. They will know not hot or cold, pain or disease, only My love, My light and My Glory. They will need or want no other. I will be their all. Such things await My children. Such glorious times are ahead. They come, they will surely come. I do not lie.

This will all take place at the appointed time. It draws near My child. Every day it draws closer. Many, many souls have been waiting lifetimes for this to take place. Many have fallen “asleep” while waiting, but it does come, it will happen. Many of My children are at present dozing, oblivious to the signs. Soon they will be stirred, some will awake with a jolt, others will keep on dozing. Many will not accept the truth of the time. So many have been taught that “My Word” is nothing but tales and stories, they have been denied the truth. But soon they will see that My word is all truth and that is was written that they would have a handbook/guide to their lives. All they had to do was believe.

For those that would not, their lives were at times so pointless in their own eyes. But I always have a purpose, not one life is without purpose. Many though, that have chosen the way of the evil one, they will know soon enough the error of their ways. They will see how they have been lied to and led astray. They will cry out to their god, but he is dead and cannot save them. Only I, the Living God can save, and I will save all who truly call on My name. That is My promise.  If one soul truly repents and calls on Me, I will answer. If many souls truly repent and call on Me I will also answer them. Pray My child for these lost souls, for true repentance to bring them to Me. I await them with open arms.

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