Filters as a belief system

How pure is your revelation from God/Source ? We all have ‘filters’. They are belief systems.

What are you filtering out as a result of your belief system ? Filters are like what is used to filter tea or coffee. The full essence would be too strong, too sweet, possibly too bitter for us to receive in a pure form. Or it may even be all that we can handle at present ?

Because of filters, our revelations won’t be completely clear of “ego/satan”, it’s something we all live with. Yet Yeshua overcame his ego, so it can be done. There may be several layers of filters, accumulated over the years. Sometimes what is being poured out from God/Source as revelation will cause the filters to burst, like a dam overflowing. Possibly a lot of debris being cleared as well.

As God/Source is much more than our belief system, are these filters beneficial ? What purpose do the filters serve ? A coping mechanism of sorts. Could we really handle the pure form ? Of course we may say we can, but doesn’t that mean eradicating your current belief system. Can you do that ? Is it really serving you and your purpose ? What if God is very different from those filters ?

What will it take to discover God without the safeguards, without the filters ? Start to question why you believe what you believe. Was it through another persons belief system or was the belief formed from within, from your true God self ?