Taking risks

The last few days becoming aware of the inherant risks with software and tools that were previously thought to be safe and secure. It is only when one becomes aware of the risks, that further evaluation can be made. What was once considered safe is now not so. Like the need to consider Leaving the Box of old belief systems. If it no longer serves you or serves your purpose on earth, then why continue with it ?

What are you holding onto ? Why are you holding onto it ? Is it because another person told you that belief was safe and secure ? Or true maybe ? I’m finding that if I continue to live holding onto what other people have said, then I don’t get to express my true nature. My truth. I’m hindering my higher self to be expressed, hindering my true self.

Is it risky leaving that which has served you in the past ? What if God/Source was also encompassed within that which you are now seeking ? Yet if one thinks that ‘God’ is only in our current belief system and no where else, then stay. Conversely, if you think that Source is wider, bigger, deeper than you have ever imagined, then what is stopping you ?

Why the hesitation ? Evaluate what the so called risks are, and why you consider them to be risky.