Leaving the box

I decided years ago to step out of the box that had enclosed me for so long, a box built on fear, control, doctrines and dogma, and especially a box which ‘contained’ God.

Yet I was mindful that as one leaves the confines of one religious system/box, and has historically used those confines as a coping mechanism, will I be drawn to new rules, new confines, new boxes even ? What if we looked at the need for those confines, which can almost be an illusion of ‘safety’ ? Isn’t God in all and through all, so why is there fear ?

Proponents of this box, due to their fear and need to control other people through hierarchies (that was never the intent of Yeshua), looked down on those who dared to step outside this (imaginary) box. In fact, to further validate the claim that the box was ‘safe’ and therefore going outside was not, they added words like evil, devil, Satan, counterfeit, etc, to the ‘rules’.

However, one day I realised that, in my own understanding there is nowhere where God isn’t, and so I embraced that truth and stepped outside the box. Only my own fear could have stopped me, but how ‘big’ is God, isn’t God outside the box as well ? Of course, otherwise I believe God is a very limited God.

But what about the devil, evil and those dark energies, fallen angels and all that ? Aren’t they outside the (safe) box, so if I step outside , doesn’t that remove God’s ability to protect me, and I may not be safe ? If I followed that belief, once again, I was saying that God is only within the confines of the box I have built. Hmm, .. yes, God didn’t built that box.

God was indeed outside the box, as well as inside the box. I was further encouraged by “God is in all and through all”, so that fear that I had of other entities outside the box, was seen in such a different light.

Why would I fear ? God is everywhere and inside me, in fact inside all others also, as we are all children of God.

So I stepped outside that box, and embarked on a very interesting and profound journey. ….. more on that later