Love is what the Father is

Of the death of Bin Laden, the Lord says the trouble is not over yet.

Love is what the Father is. Great turmoil will take hold of the earth, stars will be shaken, mountains will convulse, but before these things happen, the event of a previous vision will occur. (Some years ago, Ada had a vision, in which she saw a shining golden ‘missile’ type object literally screaming across the ocean going in an easterly direction, plowing into the west coast of the US. There was great destruction and the landscape was left looking like a nuclear bomb had hit it.  Ada believed at the time that it could well have been a nuclear bomb).

The USA will have economic problems, she will fall. New super power will arise (Europe ??). Know ye, I have never left any of you alone, and I will not. The coming time is ominous for Europe.

Talal, his influence is already being felt in Europe, yet he is not well known. No kings will stand upon their own, they will be overshadowed by a force most vile. The enemy drives Al Qaeda, trouble is brewing in the east. (Ada keeps seeing the shiny golden missile, hitting the west coast of the USA). Great earthquakes, the gold thing, this is My work, to test those that live on the earth.

Vision of great joy on the earth, bursting in the sea, land and sky, amazing joy. Over this scene descends Jesus. The feeling is electric, as all creation knows Jesus.

In these times, many will fall, they will not keep the faith. “Easy” will be on their lips, and Me will they not know. But My Son will rise as the morning in their hearts, no fear or anger. My time has come, the door is not open much. They have been told many times over, but refuse to believe. The lies are going to start falling away and all will see the truth of God, which is LOVE. Reflect that love My children.

Psalm 36:7

How priceless is your unfailing love, O God! People take refuge in the shadow of your wings.

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