The evil at heart and those big in their own eyes are beginning to fall – Part 1

The evil at heart and those big in their own eyes are beginning to fall. The people they have oppressed for so long are now rising up and fighting for their freedom. Some are paying the ultimate price, some will walk in the victory of deposing those that once ruled as a tyrant over them. People once so trodden on and oppressed are now getting the taste of freedom.

Woe to the evil lords that rule their people with force and harshness. This is but the beginning of uprisings. More similar calamities will befall evil rulers. Their empires will be torn from them. Those who follow after these evil ones into power will fall also unless they look to Me. They must listen to their people, truly hear them. They must stop the bloodshed. They must bring peace to their land, because the enemy will only be too happy to thwart actions of goodness.

I have heard the cries of many, many souls, crying out to Me from all the strife and mayhem of recent times. They cry to Me, but they do not hear Me in their hearts when I speak to them. I speak love and mercy and grace, but they do not hear Me. They do not believe a God of grace and mercy and love could allow so much pain in their lives. But I sent My only Son to save them, to show them how to find Me in the midst of the storms of their lives. So many have been given the knowledge, but have refused to accept it. My heart grieves for those still rejecting Me. If only they would allow the veil to be lifted from their eyes, to clearly see that the Saviour is waiting, waiting with arms open wide to receive them and to call them His own.

Woe to the evil lords who have led their people with lies, false hopes and empty promises. They shall know doom and more doom. They send their people out to die and to kill, and they say it is a service to Me. They have reserved for them, My uttermost wrath. What awaits them cannot be written. The day will come when these wretched ones will pay so very dearly for their evil.

Woe to those who appeared as light, but led their people into darkness. They deceived My true ones and led them into a life of doubt, shame and lost hope. My hand of wrath will cause them to fall down and wail. They are too proud to repent. Too big in their own eyes, to see a need to repent. Their judgment awaits.

Woe to the evil shepherds who have led their flocks astray. They will answer for their folly. My hand of wrath will deal harshly with them. But for those who have lit up and showed the path to Me, their reward awaits them. They shall know My hand of love. They shall know life eternal. They shall walk in the light of My love. They shall know joy unspeakable. They, and the precious ones who have come with them, will all see the glory that I have prepared for them. Such glory, such peace, such love, such wonderful love. It comes, it surely comes.



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