The day comes when mankind WILL stand in awe of Me and My power

I have been speaking to many people in many places about many things. I want that My children be not afraid of coming events, but I do desire they be informed and ready. As situations intensify and hardships increase, My children must call on Me. I will be there for them in ways not once even considered. I will honour their faith in Me and I will not forsake them. My children are so precious, how could I not care for them.

Some will doubt Me, but I will not doubt them. For those whose faith deserts them, I will have faith in them all the more. I want that My children be ready, they must be awake and alert. Oil aplenty for their lamps. They will need all the preparedness that I can give them. They will be sorely tested in times ahead. An army commander does not send out his troops without prior rigorous training. So I must train up My children. They must know what tools and weapons they can use, and how to use them. They must learn the wisdom of how to fight in the battlefield. They must be equipped and trained. I who am their loving heavenly Father, I equip and I train. To stand and fight in My name is no light thing. Those not equipped and trained will not survive. My children must be ready.

I have been speaking words to My children for thousands of years. Those that have ears to hear and eyes to see know this. For some it is a new thing, but it is Me. As man has become clever and creative, so I have used the technologies of this age to advance My word around the earth. But they are My technologies and it is My cleverness. Most use it for good, sadly a lot don’t. For those that commit evil and use these things wrongly, they will reap what they have sown. But man has barely touched on the resources of My cleverness, My power and My might. Many forget that I created the universe. The mind of man cannot fathom My majesty, nor My awesome power. But the day comes when mankind WILL stand in awe of Me and My power.

I am about to unleash earthquakes in divers places, famines and pestilence. Plagues not seen before will come upon mankind. Man will struggle to come up with solutions and remedies, but My children, those who truly know Me, will know peace. They will know this is the hand of their God and they will know that I am coming soon and that I will fulfill all that I said I would do all those years ago. Many will pray for it to all end in the blink of an eye, sadly that cannot be. The time and timing of coming events was written long ago. It will happen as it was written.

The man of perdition is plotting his course. He waits for his time, it draws near. He will come as a light, but burn as a hot coal in your hand. He will light the path to himself, and then burn his victims. He will care not, for who falls at his feet. He is without any decency toward mankind. He is evil but he knows his destiny.

My children must “feed” on My Word. The Holy Scriptures contain nourishment to hungry souls, life in abundance is contained in its pages. I am not an uncaring God that would bring perilous times, without a guidebook to help steer My children through these times. I love My children and I have given them the words of life to steer them in the right direction.

I have been speaking to many and I will continue to do so. My children must be aware and know what lies ahead. They must be as prepared as they can possibly be. What did you learn in Bible College My child – “Proper, prior planing, prevents pitiful performance”. Make it your plan to be prepared, prepared for anything, prepared as you can possibly be. My word will be fulfilled.

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