My ears ring with the cries of My people

In the times ahead, My Children will need to trust more than ever, in My love for them. For some, their world will be turned upside down. For some, pain will come where once it did not exist, for some, pain will cease where once it was rife. Many will question My love, but they will not question My authority. I will do what I must do. Conflicts, they will come where once there was peace, and peace will reign where once there was conflict. Joy will light up a heart once dark with sadness, and sadness will come to a place once alight in happiness. Healing, joy and peace to some, sadness, pain and grief to others.

The choice people make in coming times can determine the measure they receive. I require obedience in My Children. What I must do in coming times is not, and never will be, done lightly. My wrath is about to be poured out on the filth of this world. For long enough, I have looked upon the suffering of My people. My ears ring with their cries. I am about to exact to the cruel and evil of this world their “measure”. They shall receive their punishment. They will reap what they have sown. They will cry out for mercy, but for these ones it will be too late. Their fate was sealed long ago. They had their chance to redeem themselves, but they chose the way of the evil one, and so they must now pay for their sins. They refused the free gift of My Precious Son. They ignored My truth, instead they believed the lies of the enemy.

But My true ones will walk in victory. They shall share in their inheritance. They will be conquerors, they will know life everlasting. They are the precious lambs that the Good Shepherd tends and looks after. Wolves that once attacked and slaughtered My lambs will now be the hunted. For I will hunt them down and deal their “measure” to them. Their days are numbered. Beware the wolves and evil shepherds and abusers of My flock. They are all in My sights. Some will be pious and say “But we did this and that in Your name, Lord”, but I see their real heart, the one they tried to hide from Me, their heart of sin. Did they think they could hide their evil from Me ? Easier to wrestle with a pit of snakes than to hide the sin in their hearts from Me.

The spilt blood of My precious ones will be avenged. Woe to those who will pay. The price is high indeed. Repentance, it is not too late for those not yet in the grave. They have a chance to redeem themselves, but time is running out. The door continues to close. Many of My precious ones have asked of Me, to allow the door to remain open for a longer time. But I cannot do that, the time is set. The day will come and the door will close. My true ones must all the more make haste to bring more and more souls into My kingdom.

If the unsaved knew what awaited them in heaven, they would run through the door. But first they must know why they need to come into My kingdom. To ask “Why ?” may save their souls.

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