"We now need to invite the Feminine principle in. Not a feminine version that is just another copy of the male, but in respect for the male, and the male in respect for the female that now we are going to work on equal footings, everywhere and in everything. That we need to understand what is the qualities of the masculine and what is the qualities of the feminine, and when they can work together in equality, we can actually read in the gospels that then we can move mountains, then we can really start to change things and transform things, and that is what this is all about."
Lars Muhl - Aug 26th 2020

I am a divine deacon
a servant of the light

traveling to your vision
without wrong without right

I am the resurrection
a healer who leaves no trace

I pray and walk in silence
invisible by your grace

I am transfiguration
a leaf blown by the wind

there never was a beginning
and there will never be an end

A cradle for the Essenes

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