Gods' Presence

Why are we after God for His presence, when His presence already exists in us ? Divine union, no seperation.

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Life is a journey

Life is a journey. At a retreat last year, I saw the path ahead. It was a nice walking type path, grass and trees either side. It went upwards, so I thought, oh, it’s going to be a bit of a steep climb up further. So focusing on that part, I was taken there, like zooming in. To my amazement, the gradient was much less than I had first thought.

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God at work

I am somewhat puzzled by the local councils continued attempts to repair part of a road, just near here. Even after the last repair, the surface is already breaking up. The road continues to be repaired, again and again. It is usually the rain that does the initial damage, the surface of what has been repaired starts to break up, causing further opening up of the road. Exposure. Then I was reminded of a recent conversation with a close friend.

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This was from a close brother in the Lord, over 20 years ago. “……The road goes ever on, my friend, leaving rusty wrecks behind, and rural scenes, houses that are no longer homes - The Way leads you on, beyond them all. What lies ahead ? Who can say: The path vanishes to our sight in the blue distances of God’s own mountains. But this we know; God is the path, He is our origin, He it is that walks with us, and He is Himself our destiny and goal.

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