Life is a journey

Life is a journey. At a retreat last year, I saw the path ahead. It was a nice walking type path, grass and trees either side. It went upwards, so I thought, oh, it’s going to be a bit of a steep climb up further. So focusing on that part, I was taken there, like zooming in. To my amazement, the gradient was much less than I had first thought. So, that was a huge relief, it wasn’t going to be as hard and difficult as had been initially perceived.

Because we are all so different and unique, our journey will most likely be one just for us. Possibly similar in some ways, to anothers’ journey, but different. If we try and live out another persons journey, we may never get to experience the journey that Yahweh has for us. He is personal and He has an awesome unique journey, just for you.

It’s an easy walk, even if it may not look like that at first.