We are all seeking the truth, so much has been hidden. My only, very small perception of the Old Testament is that perhaps, it was written out of a result of each authors perception of God. Like many perceived G-d to be angry and vengeful, simply because they perceived Him that way. Hard at times to see from our own perspective and not be clouded by anothers perception, which usually results in seeking the Higher Self within for the truth.

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Looking within

As there is no place where God isn’t, why do I fear ? As God is within, what is there to fear (within) ? Is one afraid to look within and see the sin one thinks is there ? What if one looked within and saw no sin ? …None Is the fear to look within because my perception of God is not complete ?. Complete in the sense that it is not completely based on the truth of who He is and who I am.

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Nothing is wasted

There is nothing wasted, even what we perceive as wasted. They are simply steps along the way for you to arrive at where you are now. To consider it wasted is to remain in self abuse, to beat ourselves up, so to speak. To consider it part of the journey rather than apart from the journey. As Christ is within, self love is loving God, and loving God is loving self.

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Thought forms

Watched a video recently on “thought forms”. These are a collective consciousness, which can affect people individually or collectively. I see them as a big wave, a moving consciousness, affecting all in its path, to some degree or another. So, then thinking about the weather and the possibility of thought forms (collective consciousness) affecting the weather. We have in Australia for example, millions watching the weather forecast at night. Even though the forecast is mostly based on science, the ‘on mass’ accept it as being what ‘will be’.

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Tree in a cage

This tree has been in a wire mesh cage for years. When we removed it I couldn’t help notice how the branches are turned inwards to cater for the cage. Brought to mind how when any cages of restriction, like old belief systems are removed. We stay that way for a while until the realisation comes that we are actually already free. []: # ( The tree is a woolly tea tree (Leptospermum lanigerum) - Manuka honey)

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Light and Dark

We can’t have good without evil, just the same way as light/dark, up/down, on/off, hard/soft, positive/negative. How can we have one without the other ? Impossible. For decades I had what I just call ’night time visitations’ of, from my perspective, what I’d call ‘demonic’. But the last few months have been contemplating that it was more internal than external. Like the fear manifesting was just my own. Then someone crossed my path who had the same experiences, and informed me that it was the ego in self-attack mode.

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Down in a bit of a wild/wildnerness area this morning, clearing some bush. On the lookout for snakes, wet area. So got to thinking, ..what if I get bitten and die ? I know there are many things in my destiny that are still to be. Obviously there is a fine balance between taking risks and playing it safe. That surf looks safe, but once I get in, wow, where did that undertow come from.

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