Down in a bit of a wild/wildnerness area this morning, clearing some bush. On the lookout for snakes, wet area. So got to thinking, ..what if I get bitten and die ? I know there are many things in my destiny that are still to be. Obviously there is a fine balance between taking risks and playing it safe. That surf looks safe, but once I get in, wow, where did that undertow come from.

If we play it safe too much, does it mean we will probably miss out on some of our destiny ? If we take extreme risks, it may end in death and so that also will lead to destinies not being fulfilled completely.

That fine balance.

What about those that have gone before us, and they were taken ‘before their time’ so to speak. What do they do in heaven ? I know one friend of such circumstances, and he is actually doing what he was doing on earth before he died. So it seems with others. Does that create a rule of thumb ? If we don’t complete it here, we complete it there ?

They are cheering us on, encourageing us, so we get to fulfill our destinies. :)