Pray for a huge awakening in the hearts of My people

The time is coming when wickedness upon the earth will increase greatly. The enemy is desperate, he knows his time is short. “My People” must rise up and claim victory. They must not allow this wickedness to quench the fire in their hearts that I have lit. My people will be sorely tested. Israel will come under huge pressure. The conflicts at present around them will soon engulf them.

Wicked people, driven by evil intentions will attack My people with force. The land will be plundered. Great distress will come upon My people. Their faith in Me, will they question. They will doubt My love for them. They will say “How could our God allow this to happen ?”. They will cry out and I will hear. I will soften their stoney hearts. I will measure to them, what they have measured to Me. They have not understood Me or My love. Do they think I want to bring this “measure” to them ? I love them so much and I grieve for them so much. What I do, I do to save their souls, to bring them into the light. Out from the darkness of unbelief and doubt, into My glorious light. They have always been and always will be, My Chosen people. But they must open their eyes to My truth. They must believe as the gentiles first believed all those years ago. I want that they come to Me in simplicity and that they accept the truth of My beloved Son Jesus.

Time is short My child, pray for a huge awakening in the hearts of My people, a huge and glorious awakening.

My enemy and yours, has for long enough, confused My people with his ever subtle deceptions. Because I called them “My People”, he all the more set out to deceive them with his lies and doubts. The remnant of My people who walk in truth must “extend their tent ropes” and claim their own people for Me. They must reach out and bring down barriers, that for too long have blocked the truth to My people. They will need wisdom and courage to do this. They have only to ask of Me and I will meet their needs. My people are crying out and I hear them, but will they accept the answers I give them.

I love them more than they could know and I desire more than they could possibly realise, that they walk in truth. My truth, My everlasting truth. Truth that will bring them totally into My presence, and there they shall ever be, with Me. Surrounded by My love, living in My love, knowing My love. They wait for a temple to be built, but they are the temple, and my true ones are the temple also. The day will come when hearts once dim will light up, and that light will spread far and wide. Victory will have its day. Its prize, its own reward. For I am God. I AM the I AM.

Isaiah 54:2

Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.

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