If only there was another way

Yes, My child, the time has come. This country America, once great and proud, and bountiful has become salt in My eyes. It causes Me great pain. Such filth of human nature, greed, hate and vile behaviour of many. There is a true remnant that have not polluted themselves, and they honour Me greatly with their lives of purity. But so many have gone the way of Balaam. Forsaking their God given heritage, they have chosen death over life.

Many in positions of authority and governance have abused their office and caused great pain to many innocent ones. They should have known better, but they were selfish and chose to serve the enemy. These doers of evil will all be held to account for their actions, not one will escape my coming wroth on this country. I will clean out the filth. Their actions have been as a foul stench to My nostrils. My anger towards these corrupt ones has been building for a great time, but also has My grief. Oh how I grieve for what I must do. Why did some of My creation become so filthy in My sight? Why did they have to become such an abomination in My eyes?

I gave man a free will. So many have abused it, but so many have not. For those who have used their free will to find Me, My heart rejoices. They are precious in My sight. They will all receive their crown of life. This country America and others will know My judgment. The day will come when all evil will be dealt with. But that road has many ruts and potholes. America is in My sights. They will reel from My anger. No use trying to escape My wrath. Only My true ones will know peace. Many will I call home to Me, whereupon they will be safe forever. Many must endure coming hardships. They must be strong. They must tell others why this is happening.

I will reveal Myself to many in a bold newness, so as to empower them to speak My words. There is still time for lost souls to find Me. America will in no way be the last country to know My wrath. I seek to deal justice all over the earth. But My justice will be measured. It will not be random or careless. It will find its target.

I grieve more than human understanding could possibly comprehend for all that I must do. Not just America, but world wide. As man has sown, so must he reap. I can not alter or reverse what is to come.

But I do promise to stand beside all My beloved, and if they would reach out their hand to Me, I will take it. I will not forsake them. They are precious to Me.

The misery of Japan is far from over. Sadly this misery will be duplicated in other countries. This IS the time of birth pangs. Times of pain will come closer, and they will become more intense. I grieve that there is not another way, but man has become willful and selfish and evil in My sight. As in the days of Noah, and Sodom and Gomorrah, My actions will be brutal to many. But for those not covered in the filth of the world, they will know My love. They must hang on tightly to Me, and not allow the events around them to loosen their grip. They must, through all the anguish around them stay faithful to Me and My love for them.

Great destruction cometh. Many will curse Me, many more will hate Me. Many will scream at Me with so much hate, they will fall to the ground and die. If only they had listened years ago when their Sunday school teacher taught them about My precious son, Jesus who I sent to them to save their souls. But they closed their ears to Me, and to My love and truth. If only there was another way. But it was all written long, long ago. And so it must and will be.

But after the storm comes the warmth of a glorious sun. A new Heaven and a new Earth. I do not lie, My promises will be fulfilled. The time comes My child, it surely comes.

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