I will not, says the Lord, be coming back on a donkey

You know that I love Israel and you know that I grieve, and you know that I am for you. The days will come when you feel that I am not for you. But still hold onto Me, for I will be with you. The very ground under you will shake and yea, it will come. The earth is in turmoil, great turmoil. For I will speak and the evil city (part of) will be gone. The walls will fall. None will keep Me from My Holy place. My mountain will be open for My people, they will come and go. Before this, will be great distress. Reawakening to My Word.

Freely will My people walk on paths I have chosen for them, none shall make them afraid. They will speak My words and some will die for it, but they will die and then rise with Me. 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 ….. forgive thine enemies and honour Me. Speak no words of evil towards them, or you dishonour My Father. Judge not, it is not your job. The trumpets will sound and Jerusalem will fall, also the trumpets will sound and you will be raised.

Spiritual cities of Sodom and Gomorrah shall be laid waste. Many will see and know they belong to Me. Others will view all this as an “act of God”. How long must I suffer all of this, I must bring My wroth, though it grieves Me.

VisionĀ  – The Lord is slaying and piercing the evil one, also saw clearly the dome of the rock rising and crashing back to the ground, with great power. I am indignant, says the Lord, and I am full of fury, and My fury will be vented against the inhabitants of the land, those who put themselves in My place, and exalt themselves higher than Me. They will find out in the end that I am King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

House of evil haunts, protected by the world, peace will they cry until I return. My people will not join with them, many will be martyred and are now. Already is this force in the world. They plot their own destruction. Make haste, make haste. They bring their exalted one to trample through the earth and leave it desolate. But for My anointed ones, there will be peace. For them my arms will surround them and I will hold them to Me, and not ever let them go.

America, woe to the polluted land who has strayed far from their forefathers. Who have mouths that speak great things, of which they know nothing. Of Me they know not. They speak exalted things against Me as though I do not exist and give me no power. They diminish My presence everywhere among the heathen. But My anointed shall shine like stars with great power, which they will
wield at the appointed time and none shall stand against them. They bear My power flowing from the throne of God.

Hide little children, in My arms, it will be so bad, that you will feel My presence is not enough, but I am here. Keep your lamps lit, in the midst of this, I will find you. Cover yourself in My blood from head to toe. Take no part in what they do, it does not honour My Father or Me.

Great rifts will soon form in the earth. The hordes of hell will soon be let loose. You will not be touched by it, but stay in Me. For the righteous will hardly be saved, let alone those who turn to evil. My own people will flee to the hills where upon I will keep them in safety, until that day cometh again when I stand on the Mount of Olives. I will make Jerusalem My own. They will stand with Me among the olive trees and look down on the destruction of My enemies. Woe for those hearts that are exalted against Me, they will not survive.

Again, they have slain the prophets. Their blood cries to Me from the earth. They have murdered the people with great slaughter. Do they think I don’t see these things ? I see everything, I hear every word. Their plans are rife with destruction. It will turn on themselves, by My hand.

Hashemite kingdom, a band of evil doers sent to exalt themselves against Me. From this shall the man of perdition come with the name of Talal. The time is short children, the door is closing. Pray therefore My beloved, My Bride, for those yet to come, that they will fly in before it shuts. It is not a light thing, it is not a light thing.

Vision – Army tanks blasting into caves, but the caves are empty.

I will not, says the Lord, be coming back on a donkey.

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