I take no pleasure, I take no pleasure, but the time has come

Surely as I live, says the Lord, America is in My sight. No nation shall escape. They will all know My wrath, My Power and My Glory. They still have time to change. Cities of the world will burn. Great destruction will come upon mankind, such as has never been. The haughty will be laid low, the humble will rise up to meet Me. Glory, great Glory will be theirs in Me.

Then a vision of a rainbow over America. The rainbow is My presence, says God, and yet may many come and turn back to the God of their fathers, the ones that built the land by My hand. This nation will know who is rocking them faster than some other nations. Repentance. Repentance will bring them to Me, even in their last hours. I will hear them and they will fly to Me, out of destruction.

Vision of God holding two lambs in His arms, they looked terrified (they are looking back), but God is keeping them safe. The Lord says … So far you have been calm, I will speak to you of what is coming next. Great pain and destruction, stay with Me (no matter how bad, stay in the arms of your Father). We will see it around us.

God says He knows His own, He knows where we are, and we will be saved. He says fear not little children, I am with you forever.

The door will close at the appointed time. The Mercy seat is available to all who would sit on it, and I will move some and place them there myself. Again, fear not.

Those who dwell in what they call peace, they will feel My hand and it will be shocking to them. No country is exempt. You will need to hold My hand very tight. The destruction which cometh will rock your world. Grief, grief, it will hit close to home. Hold My hand tight and don’t let go. Dignitaries will tumble. (At this time, felt intense grief, for what the Lord knows He has to do).

I have called them many times, and would that they would come. I take no pleasure in this, but what is written will be done, and My time has come. It will hit close to you, very close, and your heart will break for them. They will not have long, wait for it, wait for it. Explosion of giant proportions in the sea. It will rock the world and rock the earth.

Vision of Australia – a mighty inland sea is covering all but the outer edges of the country. Destruction, food stuffs floating out to sea. The Lord says, darkness comes, and it reigns for 3 days. Things will be confused, man will not be able to commune with man on an easy basis. The earth will be bombarded for their strife and lack of knowledge of Me. They have made their bed and now they must lie in it.

I adore you, My Love is more than you could ever believe. Peace children, peace. Light your lamp, keep them lit. All the time keep your eyes on Me. I am yours and you are Mine. I in you and you in Me. So shall we be forever.

At this point, I asked if Australia was safe. Oh no, says God, I said ALL nations, not one will escape. Some will disappear off the face of the earth. Hold Me tight, and you will ride on My wings, as an eagle carries her young, in safety will I nourish you, My own true bride, My love. Serious days are coming. This is not a light thing. I grieve, you also, for I see what is coming, it is not a light thing.

You now are My disciples, I had the others with me before I died. I now have you. I take no pleasure in this, but My Fathers will must be done. I cannot hide my face from My Fathers will. Why couldn’t they see Me, why did they have to go their own way, even when I called them gently with love, they heard Me not ?  I take no pleasure, I take no pleasure, but the time has come. Stay awake to these happenings. I pray for My own (the ones God gave Me). I grieve, My disciples went to sleep before I hung on the cross, stay awake My
children, I love you.

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