The time draws near my Child, are you ready ?

The time draws near my Child, are you ready ? Be found in Me. I wait still for so many to come to me. The efforts of many are at fever pitch, taking the good news to the lost at this very minute, many are coming into My kingdom. Many more are still yet to come, but time is short. I am coming soon.

My Son comes for His Bride, oh what a celebration it will be. Joy unspeakable. But before this, there are very trying times for My children to endure. Times of suffering, but times of victory also. My children must obey My voice, for I will lead them on paths not previously walked. Paths that will at times seem too hard to travel, but I WILL be with them. I am not a God who thinks lightly of pain.

Such will be My presence in the lives of the ones who truly trust in Me, that they will but call out My name, and I will meet their need. The manifestation of My love and provision in the lives of My true ones in coming times will be like nothing they have ever experienced before. I will be with My own in ways they have only maybe ‘glimpsed’ before. They shall walk in miracles.

Yes, dark times are ahead, but also wonderful miraculous times await my true ones. The world will look and see and they will at last take notice of these amazing events wrought by both My love and My fury. Sadly I must bring pain to many, but I bring love, and mercy and salvation also. I am not a hard uncaring God. But I am a jealous God and for those that have served false or heathen gods, harsh judgment awaits. For those that chose that path, and do not repent, they will be judged harshly. For those that led innocent ones on that same path, they shall be judged all the more harshly. I reserve much wrath for those foolish ones. But for those that would repent and turn from their wicked ways, they shall know My love. They shall walk in a total newness.

The sadness of Japan is not over yet. There is still more tragedy to unfold there yet. They are a stubborn and proud people, but tragedy will not stop at this country. Like the waves of the tsunami that ripple and flow for thousands of kilometres, so shall the harvest of their evil sown in past times be. Japan and other countries like them, that in times past sinned against their fellow man in times of war, will pay dearly for their evil against those not as strong as them. Yes, I am a forgiving and loving God, but yes, I also am a just and fair God. Evil does not go unpunished. Whether it be the individual person or the rulers as a group, evil must and will be paid for.

The righteous of this world who have stood for what was right and true, shall be vindicated. Any loss they suffered, and many lost their lives as in times of war, they shall be honoured for all times. Payment for the evil done to them, will be done. For the martyrs of the centuries, the ones who died directly for me, their reward is great. Their killers shall know the full arm of My wrath. What awaits them cannot even be written, such is their waiting horror.

The days are shortening My child, if I did not do so, then mankind could not stand. The bowl of My wrath has begun to be poured out. My blessed true ones have nought to fear. Those that walk far away from Me have everything to fear. My indignation awaits those who honour “self” and worship “self”. Those who worship Me and only Me will be found in the river of life. Safe and on their journey to everlasting peace. But woe to those not found in the river of life. WOE, WOE, WOE.

The trumpets when they sound will be as a mighty roar. My children will hear them and look up. The lost will also hear them, but they will only look sideways, they will not understand. Many will shake with fear. What My children know as something powerful and mighty, the lost will only know fear. The lost will be in total disarray and confusion and terror. Because My children and My Holy Spirit will be gone, there will be chaos and anarchy as never before. The door will have closed. Many will curse the day that they were told of Me, but refused Me and My love. For they must now endure much pain and suffering.

Oh how I grieve for these ones. But before this time, they shall have a choice. It is yet not too late for many, many souls to accept Me into their lives. I am still waiting, but I cannot wait for ever. The clock is definitely ticking. I must fulfill My words of long ago. I must do as I said I would, it is the only way mankind can be saved. It comes My child, it comes. Are you ready ???

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