A spirit of truth will sweep over all the earth

Over the years, MY people have squandered my love, because they have not understood Me, or My love. They choose to ignore Me. They live because I created them, and they live in the world I created, but they deny Me. They follow other gods, dead gods, gods of the trees and moon and stars, gods of stone, gods of the earth. These are gods of that which I created, but I am not their God. Their god is lifeless.

The evil one tickles their itching ears. They live lies of false and stupid beliefs. The evil one has filled their minds with nonsense, they are deluded and totally mislead. Oh how I yearn that the lies of the enemy be uncovered before the eyes of the deceived ones. Some will see and know the truth, but sadly for many, they will die in their sins, having never lived in the truth.

At the appointed time my anger and wrath will be directed at the evil one. He is already defeated, he still has but a short time to wreak his havoc. Those that walk with Me and honor My name have nothing to fear. Though they are yet to live through difficult times, I will be with them. I know My own, they stand out to Me like the brightest lights in the midst of the darkest night. The evil one will try and cover them with his filth and evil, but I see through that, to the true saints. The true ones will always be visible to Me.

Many of my children though have lost the brightness of their light. They have allowed apathy and degrees of unbelief to dull their glow. They need to awaken their hearts once more to the reality of Me. I am equipping many to re-ignite flames in hearts all over the world. Amid the pain of natural disasters and death, I am stirring many to go forth and proclaim the “good news” to the lost and to those only half alive. My Holy Spirit is now empowering many for this task. My word is going to places that it has not gone to before. It will go forth and it will achieve that which I set it out to do. It will not return to Me void, it shall accomplish that which I intend it to. Many half asleep will be woken, many new souls will come into the kingdom. I have told the angels to prepare for much rejoicing as soul after soul after soul comes into My kingdom.

At present many look at the disasters taking place and they reject Me and blame Me, but that will soon change. I will cause people to look for Me, to need Me, and I will cause them to find Me. They will see that I am the rock of security they were looking for. They will have the veils lifted from their eyes at last, and will truly see me as their Saviour, and finally understand in their minds and hearts why I sent My Precious Son to die for them, and how through Him they can come to Me and have life everlasting.

The enemy has for so long fouled my truth with his lies, but that is all about to change. The power of My truth is about to sweep the earth. A new day is about to dawn in many hearts. The power of My Holy Spirit will melt the shield of lies that has surrounded many for so long. A spirit of truth will sweep over all the earth. It will be intense and probing, searching out many that have previously not heard of Me. But it is only for a set time, and then the door will close.

I, in My love wish the door could remain open, but I, in My love must close it. My true ones must never see what takes place on the other side of that closed door. They must look onwards to the new part of their walk with Me. Such joy waits them as they begin to live in the absolute glory of My love. Nothing my true ones have ever experienced up to this point, can compare with what awaits them at this time. Such joy, such peace, such love. It comes my child, it surely comes.

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