My people must stand in My Name, they must be strong

The time approaches My Child, are you ready ? Are you ready to stand and glorify My Name ? I am asking the same of many of My Precious ones the world over. You have stood in My Name and I have given you victories. So too, many others. There are many many more victories to be won. My people must stand in My Name, they must be strong. They must have their eyes fixed firmly on Me.

You see the strife and mayhem in the world (the riots in London). The people causing the destruction are ‘lost’. Yes, they are cruel, angry, malicious and greedy, but they are ‘lost’. Nothing will placate the anger within them. They are bent on causing mayhem. Many looking on have been shocked, by what they have witnessed.

As I have said before, these times of unrest and mob rule will only increase. These situations of unrest and rioting will continue to appear in places not previously prone to such behaviour. People, previously not troubled by unrest, will be caught up in situations, that will flare up out of seemingly nothing.

Such is the anger of many toward leaders and rulers who have ignored the cries of their people. But such are the times now, that for many, it is simply too late. The people are beyond listening. They do not want to listen. They want to now be heard, and they care not what they destroy on their way to being heard. These are evil people, who care not for the pain they cause others. But I care. I see all the wrongs being committed. I see the pain caused by these evil ones. They shall reap that which they sow.

Sadly, in coming times, you shall only see more of this behaviour. Many will cry out to Me. They will question Me as to how I can allow such things to occur. As I have said before, man has a free will. He chooses his path. For those that honour My Name and submit their will to Mine, they shall know peace and understanding of these times. They will know that I, God Almighty, am in control. They will know that these things must happen. They will know that
their love and trust and faith in Me will bring them into life eternal.

These are difficult days. Things of the world continually change, but I do not change. I am always ready to listen and to act for those who honour My Name.

I will always be your rock and your refuge. The world will chew you up and spit you out, but I will cover you with My wings and protect you. I will love you and keep you safe, always.

Revelation 15:4

4  Who shall not fear and glorify thy name, O Lord? For thou alone art holy. All nations shall come and worship thee, for thy judgments have been revealed

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