My storehouses overflow with what you will need

(Portions of this message have been edited, as they were of a personal nature).

I want you ready. I need you to be focused on Me. I will protect you all, such is My Love for you all. For those that have rejected me, and will always reject me, their fate is sealed. Many are in the valley of decision, I will cast My net and gather many in. For many are still yet to come.

The earthquake of Tuesday 5th July (Australia, Korumburra – 4.4) was but a whisper of what is to come. I want you all alert and prepared, for there will be others, much stronger and much more destructive.

Prepare for miracles wrought at My Hand for those who love Me. For I will provide for My Children in amazing ways. You can look to me for your daily bread. My storehouses overflow with what you will need. Ask and you shall receive. For I will not be stingy in providing for My children. I know what you need. Always know that I am a God of miracles, nothing is too difficult for Me. I have no limitations. I created the universe and everything in it, there is nothing I cannot do. Nothing.

The vision I gave you of the dead rising from their graves, that is My promise that I will be sending Jesus soon to bring about what was written long ago. If I send Him to bring those from their graves, I will surely be sending Him to bring the living.

Oh how I yearn to have all My precious ones with me. For it will be glorious beyond measure. How I yearn for it to be now, but there is still much that needs to be done. The time is not yet. It comes My Child, it comes.

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