My Hand is under the eagle, and I will lift it up

Ada – I had been asking the Lord to show me more about the golden missile.

The Lord said that the missile at first appears good, but will turn out to be not good, and will come from Europe. Then a vision of many tornadoes, but the impression was that they were not literal, that there would be turmoil in people and Governments, like the winds of the tornadoes. Turmoil would come with great destruction.

My Hand, says the Lord, is upon the USA. They will know that I am God, they will spread My Word through the nations, and for this they will be remembered. They have fought the good fight, but their vision is lacking. It will make them weak. (Vision of an eagle). My Hand is under the eagle, and I will lift it up. She is beautiful to Me. I am going to chastise the USA, but I love the USA also. They, (or none) will open their mouths against My people, all My people. For retribution will be swift, My people are Mine (all Christians in all countries ?). Many great men, led by Me have stood in the high places, in times gone by, and she (the eagle) has rested in Me. The eagle is a creature of great beauty, without Me she will fall. But not all people will fall, but because of the leaders, the land will fall. The USA is failing, but the times of the gentiles will be over, and My Kingdom will come.

The USA will shake, others also. My hand is upon them in love and truth, still will I give them time to repent. My purpose is not destruction, my purpose is love. Destruction comes as a just reward, for those who will not turn to Me.

You are princes and princesses in My kingdom. Nothing is too good for My children. My love will be with you all, and golden shoes will cover your feet.

When you are feeling down, should I not know how to raise you up ?

Psalm 3:3

3 But you, LORD, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high.

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