I call on the shepherds to guard their flocks as never before

Precious lambs. As the shepherd carries the new born lambs, so I carry the “babes in Christ”. They must be cared for, lest they lose their way and get lost. They need nurturing and protecting. The wolves would find them easy prey. Keep a watch over these baby lambs. Be ready to pick them up and carry them if you need to. The wolves will keep their distance when they see the shepherd, so always be on guard, be visible. Be alert, be ready to protect the flock.

The wolves are soon to become very hungry. Good shepherds have allowed their flocks to grow, and there are many new lambs. These shepherds must now be so vigilant, so watchful, so protective. The wolves will hunt in packs. They will try to separate the shepherd from his flock, so as to bring division. I call on the shepherds to guard their flocks as never before, to train up and use more shepherds. My lambs are precious, so so precious. But for the diligent and faithful shepherds, the lambs would be lost. The shepherds work is not easy. Loneliness and isolation could lead to discouragement, but in these times, they need to call on Me all the more. The lambs must know they can trust the shepherd. The shepherd cannot allow himself to become weary or indifferent. I do not take kindly to lazy shepherds, or those who seek their own gain.

There are good shepherds and there are bad ones. The good ones shall know My hand of love, the bad ones My hand of wrath. The charge of a shepherd is not to be taken lightly, nor taken for granted. They are there at My appointment. I will guide them as to where the best pasture is, for their flock. Their obedience to My leading, could determine the life of their flock.

I am God Almighty, the Good Shepherd. I will always lead My flock on paths of righteousness. To the lambs that obey My voice, they shall see clearly the path before them. I will NOT let them stumble. I will light their path, and I will order their steps. The path will be narrow at times, and wearying to the body. But I will ALWAYS be there to guide and help and carry in the hard times. I will never leave My flock to fend for themselves. They have only to call to Me and I WILL answer them. If they get lost, then when they call I will find them. I will not leave them to the wolves.

The love that I have for My own is beyond human thinking. The power of it is beyond human description. But the day comes when My love will be revealed in ways unimaginable. Like the days when My beloved Son walked the earth, the people of those days could never have comprehended a jet plane or a computer. So My beloved children of this day cannot comprehend the absolute glory of My love that is soon to come, as it has not come before.

For those who have remained faithful and obedient to My Name, they shall know joy unspeakable. What awaits them is truly beyond human thinking. I have reserved for My children such gifts, such joy, such love. It comes My child, it comes.


1 John 4:16

And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.

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