The evil at heart and those big in their own eyes are beginning to fall – Part 2

Woe to the fence sitters who chose the wrong way to fall. Better to have never known the way of righteousness, than to have known it and then rejected it. To once have walked in My love, and then to cast Me out of their lives brings unspeakable grief. These ones have allowed the enemy’s lies to corrupt the good seeds once planted in their hearts. These seeds, once pure and healthy, became distorted, shriveled and lifeless. These people had the chance to walk in life everlasting, but they chose wrongly. They allowed their faith in Me to be taken from them. They went after empty beliefs, and false and powerless gods. But even now, the door is still open, they can still choose rightly. Their is still time for these ones to repent and “come to the Father”.

But as you know My child, that door will close at the appointed time. That and many other events are set. The time approaches. I will continue to warn My children. Many are listening and heeding these warnings. Some are struggling and will continue to struggle with what lies ahead. To these precious ones I say

“Look only unto Me, keep your eyes on Me. I will carry you, and we will walk this road together. Keep a hold of My hand, it will always be there for you”.

To those who would doubt the truth of these warnings, I say, open your eyes. If only one person was saying these things, then doubt would have a place to sit. But I speak to many different ones, the same things, all over the earth. I send warnings to many, so that these ones then warn many others. Many will heed these warnings, many will not. But they will have been warned, they will have heard truth. The truth though, made known, cannot be forced on those with ears not open.

As time passes, those with ears closed will run out of excuses to not listen to the warnings. Events that were foretold long ago and in recent times will unfold before peoples eyes. It has begun, and it will continue until My Son returns to claim His Own. This will all take place. I do not lie. I cannot lie. I am God Almighty.


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