New things cometh

The door is opening, change is coming. But what will never change is Me and My love. So much that My children have believed in will change. Things will shift a gear, the door is opening to new things. Some of My children will struggle with these changes, but for those who embrace them and run with them, their lives will never be the same. New things cometh. New empowerments, new boldness, new strengths, new abilities, and for some, new directions. Some of My children will need to physically move their households. Some will need to remain where they are and build strongholds. But I know where all My children are, and I care for each one.

The time is coming more quickly than many think, when great change will be upon them. People must decide NOW whom they will serve. “Tomorrow” may be too late. People must not put off till tomorrow, what can be done today. Today is the day of salvation. To say this is a matter of great urgency is an understatement. Those sitting on the fence must decide. Pray My child they decide rightly. For I will hear the smallest weakest cry and I will answer. I will embrace them as Mine, they shall walk with Me to eternity.

Mountains are soon to shake. There will be rivers, where once was dry land. There will be rifts in the earth where once was solid ground. What mankind has depended on to be in a certain place will be shifted. And then darkness. For three days I bring darkness. The ignorant of this world will not be able to talk this away with their scientific explanations. Such is My awesome power that at present there is very little reason for the scientists of this world to suspect what is about to occur. I AM GOD and I can do what I choose. I do not have to fit in with calendars and forecasts, or evil predictions.

Yes, many will curse Me, but once and for all mankind will see and know, that there is a God in Heaven. A God who above all is love. But a God who despises evil. The word “evil” turned around is “live”. That’s what I will do, turn evil around and cause people to live, live in Me. For I am life in abundance. I am Hope, I am Grace and Mercy. I am Love.

For those who accept the words of warning of things to come, they must remain diligent. They must not become impatient or forgetful. They must walk the way of preparedness. They must be mindful of the scoffers and mind-benders, who will negate their words and accuse them of scare mongering. But the day will come when the scoffers and mind-benders will be silenced. What they tried to negate will occur before their very eyes. They will fall to their knees in shock, as if struck by a blow to the head. They and many like them will have no explanation other than “the hand of God has done this”.

Too many are still asleep or dozing. They must rouse from their slumber. They must awaken and look around them. Warn them My child, warn them. Time is short.

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