Great Glory cometh

Great Glory cometh to My people. For too long the enemy has beguiled My true ones and tried to turn them away from My love. But My power and My glory shall reign in the hearts of My people as never before. Yea, I do a new thing. Yea, My Glory cometh.

Great wonders await those who steps have followed Mine. For those who have honoured My name and obeyed My truth, they shall know in times ahead, great victories. They will see things they have not seen before, they shall walk on ground made ready by My hand, My hand of love.

My people will rise up in great victory, because I, their God, will bless them with great victory. Such victory, such wonderful victory. Their earthly lives will not be able to contain this victory. They will need to “share” it. Those living in the world will see it. They will see it is good and they will want it too. My true ones must share this glory to the unsaved. The world will not be able to dismiss it. They will know it is of Me, and no other. A massive outpouring of My love is coming. My Holy Spirit will minister in ways people only dream of.

I am about to empower My people to go out in My Name and do many wonders. They shall be My instruments, pure and holy, and above all, obedient. They must be people of faith, people of love. They must always have their eyes on Me and no other. I am God almighty and My might and power will be seen over all the earth. Knees will buckle and eyes will squint when my power comes to those previously in ignorance of Me. They will have an instant revelation of Me into their hearts and lives. So many are about to be “snatched” from the grip of the enemy.

Be prepared, for this will take place, in the streets, in the market places, in the fields. My glory cannot be contained within bricks and mortar and “holy” buildings. Not even a tent will hold My glory, for it shall go where I send it. Pray My child, that it comes to you. For I desire all My precious ones to be partakers of what is to come. I want that all should receive of My glory, that none should miss out. For I want to bless My precious ones in ways they have never known. I desire they walk in such love and peace and knowledge of Me.

Too many of My precious ones are downcast and living in defeat. But I WILL lift them up. They WILL soar as eagles. They WILL know victory. Because I love them, I will do this, because My love can never run out, or be limited in any way.

My people will always walk in My love. I do not give it one day and take it back the next. My love is for always and ever. Only the lies of the evil one would say differently. He lies, but I cannot and will not ever.

Look up My child, things are about to change. Even what you may have believed of Me will change, only because you were not taught or told correctly. But it will be good. For I am goodness and light and mercy. I will not let you slip. I will show you new things, you will be amazed. You will see things with “new” eyes. Your eyes will be sharp as swords, alert as pincers.

My glory will not be contained, for it will spread over all the earth. It comes My child, it surely comes. Watch for it, wait for it, but above all, pray for it.

Habakkuk 2:14

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.

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