God’s love in the coming storms

(Right after cyclone Yasi hit Queensland)

My child, the storm of the past few days is but a drop in the ocean to what lies ahead for mankind. I want that all people should look to Me. As I have said I want all to look for Me, but first they must want to look for Me. Even in the most terrifying of storms, those that are truly looking will find Me. I will hear the smallest, weakest cry, and I will save their souls. I will do whatever it takes to bring lost souls to repentance and knowledge of Me. There will always be those who curse Me, reject Me and blame Me for these storms. But I bring them to people to show both my fury and My love.

Time is short. You look around the world at present and you see madness in many forms, weather and revolutions, etc. But sooner than many think, all this will intensify, people will say “what could possibly happen next ?”. Such are the times. I am indeed trying to get the attention of many, many people. Even in the worst of situations where someone might be facing death, I will hear their cries to Me. I will answer their call. I will save them from the pits of hell. If only these people could realise that these storms and terrifying times are nothing, absolutely nothing, to what awaits them for eternity if they refuse My love.

I am trying to warn people, to say to them “come to Me even in the midst of storm and destruction, if you come to me I will save your soul”. Even if all falls down around them, they can hang on to Me and hide in Me. They will have Me and I will have them. Better that they have Me in a storm than not. My promise will stand true for I will be with them. I will always do what is needed, to get peoples attention. More often than not, that means facing trials and adversity. Pray that many, many people would look for Me and find Me
in these difficult times.

This storm Yasi has stripped away peoples homes, their sources of income and destroyed their belongings. Those that truly know Me will rejoice, because they know My sons return is imminent. They know not to put their trust in possessions. They know I am standing next to them. They know to put their trust in a God who loves them so much. For many, they will feel My wrath at these times, but for those who know Me, they see only love. A love that even in times of pain, they still know it as love. Love that wants them to spend eternity with Me. It’s a love that even if they go through the awful horrors that are coming, they will not rebuke that love. They will allow that love, My love, to surround them, even in the darkest of times. Even in the darkest of situations, my love will keep the light in their hearts alive. Some I will call home to me, some will endure more adversity, but My love will be with them all.

Dark times are ahead, but all this must take place. Some will be so crushed in spirit, they will rebel and curse My name. But for those who truly repent, they will receive the crown of life. Many will die for Me, theirs is a great reward. Pray for lost souls everywhere My child, that they will look for Me and find Me. The door is ever closing.

People need to realise that they need Me, truly need Me. Their physical lives might be one of wealth and comfort and fine possessions, but that will count for nought, when Jesus returns. As My word says ‘naked you came, naked you go’, but I will clothe My children in the finest robes, robes of righteousness. Robes that are made of love, they will be clothed in My love for ever.

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